Media Screens

Newly developed poster stand LED display is mainly used for hotel, shopping mall store or company receptions. It is a medium to display and put emphasis on important messages. It is usually designed to be 1500mm height by 800mm width. The side view is merely 6 cm in thickness, which is a very slim figure. The stand display can be controlled wirelessly or through data connection. As for the quality, the display is pixelated at pitch 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm. For our customers’ convenience, the size of the display can be adjusted according to your site location and the customers’ requests.

 CrossLED
As a pharmacy you seek recognition in the streets and public areas. Increasing brand recognition is a way to differentiate your pharmacy from other drug stores. A pharmacy LED cross sign is an eye-catching signature to the store. The cross can be displayed in different colors, such as single green, yellow, blue, white, yellow or even as a variation of tricolor or full color. The size of the cross can be customized to our customers’ want, it can be as small as 500mmx500mm or as big as 1280mmx1280mm. The cross is readable and noticeable, as it is double faced, catching the eyes of pedestrians and car drivers on both sides of the road. The LED display is perfectly waterproof and readable even under severe weather conditions. The most common choice for customers is P10 or P16 outdoor DIP type LED module, as the brightness reaches up to 7500 nits, appealing to more customers.

 Glass Transparent LED
Transform your typical glass façade to Glass Transparent LED display, it is suitable and customizable to any window wall. The image or video on the screen is programmed to display clear images and minimize any pixilation. The glass LED façade is perfect for designers and retail shops, as it creates visual appeal to your place. The glass LED display is also ideal to emphasize your brand or deliver a message to your customers. It is an elegant medium to advertise, improving the image of the brand, as it is not the typical billboard. This glass LED display opens new opportunities to advertise, as it uses up the store’s glass front and does not require the application of LCD screens, that can take up space. The types we provide are P3.91, P7.81 & P15.625. It features light weight below 3.8KG per LED cabinet with 500mmx500mm. The glass transparent LED display is ideal to reach more customers, hi-tech environments and creative audience.
 Street light pole LED Display
Outdoor full color street light pole LED display can be made by pixel pitch P4mm, P5mm, P6mm or P8mm SMD type LED modules. This can be utilized to show commercial advertising content. It is a medium to display texts, images, logos and videos, to catch the notice of a large audience. The content is clearly exposed to a wide range of passengers, as it can be located on highly congested roads. The street light LED employs 2G,3G,4G and wifi to wirelessly operate and manage. It is available in one sided display and double-sided displays. These poles do not use electricity and are eco-friendly, as they operate on solar panel power.

 Flexible Soft LED Display
Can be used for hard to fit areas, it fits on curved, concaved, round, S-shape and all irregular shapes. The flexible soft LED display is the perfect solution to fulfill wasted areas. The flexible soft LED display has P6mm, P6.67mm & P10mm. Its single module dimension is 160mm in height x 320mm in width. This is the go-to advertising model for fashion stores, shopping malls, supermarkets or anywhere you want to catch the customers’ attention. Ultra-light weight eases the application process, it is easy to assemble, meanwhile stable and clear. This flexible soft LED is the best for rental places and can easily be stored and reused.

 Front Access LED Display
is applicable for LED screens that attach to a wall or building. The display consists of a flat front service with an exposing light opening between the front and attachment back. This LED screen is the most used for advertising and branding, as it reaches a huge mass of people. The screens create publicity and increases audience reach, due to its visibility, brightness and size. It can be implemented indoors & outdoors to promote events, brands, texts, logos or deliver messages.

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