As we operate in the steel structures manufacturing, oil & gas and other industrial fields that are commonly known to negatively impact the environment, as it is possible for these work sector to increase pollution. Ten years ago, El Masry Group took a decision to advocate the awareness of being more delicate with the surrounding environment. In order to help improve our earth, we took bold steps towards our production process. Started with investing in more environment friendly machines and equipment. In addition, we significantly reduced the amount of papers used by our team, as we are progressively updated by technological advances and opted for other communication methods.

Along the way, we diverted huge amounts of construction waste from landfills and reduced our environmental impact by acknowledging strategies to get rid of waste in a cleaner and efficient way.

We believe in our experience and expertise to create a sustainable future for the society and our people. Utilizing our expertise, El Masry Group invented an incinerator that clarifies production waste from water. This achievement has been an opportunity for us to help the society and take accountable measures in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and waste water produced during industrial productions.

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