El Masry Group was founded by Ahmed El Masry in 1994, currently it is one of the most experienced in the construction field in Africa and MENA region. Over the past years, the company has grown progressively to become a benchmark in the steel fabrication sector.

Our company does all sort of construction project, steel design, fabrication & installation. From our factories in both Qalyoubia and Sadaat, in addition, to our offices in Giza we work to provide the highest quality productions. More than 34,000 m2 of factory allow us to offer customized and standardized products and services. All of our productions are produced in a personalized strategy, paying close attention to quality, throughout the whole process since importing the raw materials to designing, manufacturing and installing all until the moment of delivering.

The vast number of projects conducted by our team are our greatest success. We at El Masry Group focus on delivering value, the technical monitoring through the production process, reliability to deliver on time, post purchase care are our mottos on which we work.

Following these unprecedented standards, the organization has extended to various sectors including import & export of steel components, oil & gas and advertisement media screens. The organization constantly strives to be a leading player in the market, through improving our capabilities, providing updated technologies and continuous expansion.

El Masry Group is a certified organization

ISO 9001, ISO 45001, Inspection & Procedure testing, as well as, we have an established quality control plan. These certifications ensure the effectiveness of our production process and value of products produced.

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